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Industrial Coatings, Solvent & Thinners

We manufacture a wide range of excellent Industrial Coatings, Solvent & Thinners to companies across the world. Find out more about our excellent ranges below.

General Industrial Coatings

  • Industrial Primers
  • Red Oxide Primers

FC Floor Coating System

  • Urethane Oil Lacquer (Gloss, Semi Gloss, Matt finishing)
  • Moisture Cure Lacquer
  • Acid Curing Self Priming Lacquer
  • 2K Polyurethane System (Solvent Base)
  • 1K Polyurethane System (Water Base)
  • Acrylic System (Solvent Base)
  • Acrylic System (Water Base)

Automotive Refinishes

  • 1K Acrylic Lacquer
  • 1K Acrylic White Pigmented Lacquer
  • 1K NC White Pigmented Lacquer
  • 1K Air Dry Alkyd White Pigmented Lacquer
  • 2K Acrylic Clear Lacquer with Non-yellowing Hardener
  • 2K Acrylic White Pigmented Lacquer with Non-yellowing Hardener
  • 1K Car Body Putty
  • 1K Car Surfacer

Thinners & Industrial Solvents

  • Multipurpose Thinner
  • Acrylic Thinner (Special)
  • Acrylic Thinner (Standard)
  • PU Thinner (Urethene grade)
  • PU Thinner (Standard)
  • AC Thinner (Standard)
  • NC Thinner (Hot Spray)
  • NC Thinner (Standard)
  • Reducer for Glaze and Fillers
  • Special Thinners for Electrostatic Spray
  • Commercial Grade Industrial Solvents
  • Other related Surface Additives

Your Perfect Coatings

We make it our mission to get our high-quality coatings to you, wherever you are!

We are able to ship our coatings direct or through our great network of high-quality distributors and partners.