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Wood Coloration System

Our excellent wood coloration system is perfect for enhancing woods colour and grain. Providing bright, long-lasting color through a wide range of stains, glazes, pigments and dyes.

Gel’n Ezy Wood Gel Stain

  • Brings out the glorious wood grains of timber
  • Heavy-bodied Gel
  • Huge range of colours available
  • Available in standard pastel and traditional classic colors
  • Tailor-made colors to suit customers’ particular requirements


  • Perfect for upcycling furniture or staining cabinets
  • Basecoat or topcoat over oil based stain
  • Dip, Tumbling, Extruder or Brush

Glaze Stain Colors

  • Glaze stain and filler colors
  • Powder Glaze and dry brush glaze
  • Expands your creative possibilities
  • Thick and easy to apply and control
  • Easy to wipe and restart
  • Perfect for creating special effects and antique finishing


  • Ideal for cabinet glazing
  • Brush and wipe in between coats

Pigment Stain / Dye Stain Colors

  • Wood Dyes (Solvent & Water Base)
  • Solvent Stain for Multipurpose Use
  • NGR Stain for Nitrocellulose System
  • Universal Stain
  • Special Micro Stain (Rich Colors)
  • Special Duo Stain
  • Pad stain, Body Stain, Equalizer

    Wood Fillers and Wiping Stain Color

    • Oil base filler colors
    • Solvent base filler colors
    • Wiping stain colors
    • Formulated for a simple single


    • Filler is ideal for preparing wood prior to finishing
    • Wiping stain’s thick and rich formula allows easy application and superior colour control

    Pigmented Paste Colors

    • Transparent Pigment Paste
    • Semi Transparent Pigment Paste
    • Oil Based Pigment Paste
    • Pigment Paste for Water Base
    • Universal Tinter for Solvent Base

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