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Who We Are

About us

We are the Global Paints and Coatings Manufacturing Company.

We offer a wide range of Paints, Coatings and related Products for Wood Working and Furniture Industries, Building and Construction Professionals, Manufacturing Industries, Interior Designers and Retail Networks for DIY Consumers; supported by a great Technical Team who work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the Perfect Coatings and Finishing System.

Always attentive to Customers’ requirements with a keen eye for advances in Technology and Quality in our Manufacturing Process, we never cease to improve its wide spectrum of Quality Products with Innovations and Solutions at the forefront of Technology in this Surface Coatings Industries.

Harvest Coatings

The Mission Statement

The Mission of Harvest Paint Industries Sdn Bhd is “To be the Company that is committed for continuous improvement and meeting our Customers’ needs is our Primary Objective and understanding customers’ requirements and constraints will lead to being the Right Choice as True Long-Term Business Partner – Globally.”

This has driven us to serve the Manufacturing Industries with wide array of consistent, proven high quality Surface Coatings and related Finishes which come closely with ongoing dedicated Technical Support, and the Technology Innovation to meet the changing requirements of a Global Market as a whole.

Great Quality with Great Result


Harvest Paint Industries Sdn Bhd is Committed to comply with the requirements of its’ Quality Management System / Quality Policy and continue to improve the Effectiveness of the System in assurance of Conformity to Customer and applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements. 

The Company strives to manufacture Quality Performance Paints & Coatings not only Satisfying but Exceeding Customer’s Expectation

The Company shall continuously review and improve its Quality Management System in achieving future challenges and Business advancement.

We intend to accomplish our Company goal by offering a set of Superior Products and Services, that closely meeting the needs of each individual customer by excellence in Design, Integrated Supply Chain Management, developing Innovations and Solutions that improve the quality of product manufactured.”

We are committed to deliver the highest value and standards of performance in everything we do – from Designing, Manufacturing to Serving and Building Customer relationships.

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