Harvest Coatings

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Antique | Classic | Futuristic

  gel & eazy

  • Wood Gel Stain – brings out the glorious natural grain of timber.
  • Available in standard pastel and traditional classic colours, as well as special tailor-made colours to suit customers’ particular requirements.

  Wood Fillers / Glaze Fillers
/ Glaze Stain & Wiping Colours

  • Oil Based Fillers & Glaze Colours
  • PU Based Fillers & Glaze Colours
  • Oil Glaze and Wiping Stains Colours
  • PU Glaze and Wiping Stains Colours
  • Powder Glaze
  • Antique Brush
  • Special Effect Glaze for Antique Finishing

  Pigmented Colours

  • Pigmented Primers / Basecoat / Undercoat
  • Pigmented Topcoats
  • Special Pearl & Metallic colours

  Pigment Stain / Dye Stain Colours

  • Wood Dyes (Solvent and Water-based)
  • TDS / NGR / SD stains
  • Universal stain (solvent and water-based)
  • Special Micro Stain (rich colours)
  • Special Duo Stains
  • Resist Stains
  • Pigment Stains
  • Pad Stain, Body Stain, equalizer

  Pigmented Paste Colors

  • Alkyd Based Pigment Concentrate
  • Oil Based Pigment Concentrate
  • Multipurpose Pigment Concentrate
  • Semi Transparent Pigment Paste
  • Transparent Pigment Paste
  • Tinter for Water Based
  • Tinter for Solvent Based
  • RAL Colours

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